Revive Your Kentucky Lawns This Fall

Prepare For a Great Spring

Let’s face it. This year has been a tough year for Kentucky yards, lawns and landscapes in and around Louisville. Heat, humidity, disease and drought have all taken their toll.

Like an athlete worn down by a long Kentucky season, it’s crucial to take stock of your lawn and work on a prescription for revival.

Now is the time to revitalize your lawn with such services as:
•    Nutrients/fertilization
•    Aeration/de-thatching
•    Overseeding
•    Seeding
•    Top dressing

Lawns are all unique so there’s no single plan or program that can be prescribed for your lawn. Just as you would go to your doctor to get a check-up and prescription for improved health, your Kentucky lawn should get an inspection and recommendation for specific services

It may be difficult to determine if your lawn is dormant or dead from drought damage. Here’s a general rule of thumb, if your lawn has been brown for more than three to four weeks it’s likely not to come back. With the cooler temperatures and more frequent rainfall returning, if you don’t see any new growth in your lawn within a week or two, it’s likely dead. Bluegrass is particularly susceptible to drought.

If you have specific questions, be sure and contact your Weed Man professional for a customized lawn analysis.

Here’s a review of typical services designed to improve your lawn.

Aeration & Overseeding. Together, these two services can provide a powerful one/two punch for your lawn. But it’s important to note that this is not the same as a complete renovation service. This is a beneficial service that can feed and improve your existing lawn. If your lawn is more than 50 percent weeds or bare, your lawn will require a more thorough renovation.

Existing lawns offer suffer from compaction, thinning and thatch build-up. An aeration service will help lessen these lawn challenges.

Aerating provides several valuable benefits to fall lawns including:
•    Strengthening the root system and allowing the roots to shoot deeper. This helps the lawn prepare for the colder winter temperatures.
•    It allows water and fertilizer to penetrate deeper into the soil where it does the most good.
•    Microbial activity increases in the lawn which helps reduce thatch.
•    The plugs left behind after aeration will decompose and further fertilize the lawn.
In conjunction with aeration, fertilizer and weed control are important services to rejuvenate your lawn and get it ready for the cooler months.

Fertilizer will provide your lawn with the nutrients it needs to develop strong roots and thick blades. The weed control product will eliminate any lingering weeds that have emerged in the late summer/fall and establish a solid base of protection for the spring when it will receive another application.

Overseeding will help strengthen thin areas, fill in bare spots and generally make your lawn look fuller and more vibrant. Overseeding is the practice of sowing additional seed and fresh soil over existing grass to bolster and restore your lawn. Overseeding is necessary since, over time, the individual grass blades on your lawn weaken and perish with age, thus making it more vulnerable to disease, insects and weeds.

An ideal time to overseed your lawn is fall while the soil is still warm, the air is cool, and the rainfall frequent. Affected patches of lawn should be well raked before overseeding, in order to remove dead grass, excessive thatch and loosen the soil. This promotes the new seed’s growth by providing additional aeration and drainage for water.  

Don’t wait too long to overseed. The seed should be planted before the end of September so it’s growing - healthy and strong - before a killing frost occurs. If not, the new seedlings will be more susceptible to dying off due to frost and weed infestation next spring.

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